Traverse City, Michigan

This page displays the various styles of hammers and tools made at the Forge, All hammers have hickory handles and are secured with wood and steel wedges

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Last Update:

September 29, 2012   


Fire starter kit

Left and right diagonal peins

collection of modified hammers

four different styles of hammers

Hammers sent to OZ

Right diagonal and straight pein

Straight pein hammer of O1


Split Cross with brass highlights

Squirrel cookers

Hammer made from sucker rod

Dancing Frog Forge touchmark

Right hand diagonal pein made of 4140

Right hand diagonal of 4140

Japanese style cutler's hammer

Same cutler's hammer

Campfire equipment using rebar

Cross pein of O1 steel

Pair of hammers made from pattern welded steel

Guillotine tool

Flatters machined from 1045 steel


flower paperweights

Hacksaw frame with 3 twists and a scroll

Matched set of 5 hammers reworked

Same set of 5

Hoof picks from horse shoes and railroad spikes

Business card holder from a rr spike

A cutler's hammer and a right hand diagonal pein

double diagonal hammer


Arbor side panel

Copper flower

Steel feathers

keychain split crosses

rr spike letter openers

Nail heading tool

Quadra-Peen Hammer


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