Traverse City, Michigan

This page displays various pieces of furniture, furnishings, and other pieces of metalwork  previously made at the Forge.  Almost any item may be custom made by using a design or an adequate description from the buyer.  

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Last Update:

September 25, 2011



Gate in spider web motif, total span is 18 feet
RR Spike made into a business card holder

Bookends, scrolls are from rebar
Chair, steel mesh seat and back
Wall sconce for two candles
Coffee table with arched frame

Bouquet of metal flowers Scrolled hooks with flowers and leaves

Letter openers made from RR spikes Coat hooks from RR spikes

Hooks and a card holder from RR spikes Rose paperweights
a flower candle holder Stock support stands, adjustable for height
"S" Hooks made from rebar Wood chest in progress

Tool Chest


Fireplace grate

grate installed in fireplace

fireplace and grate

A special project......a crown of steel with copper roses to copy the one in France Original statue in France
A cane made with a spike hammer as the head Top of spike hammer cane
3 variations of a wreath hanger Campfire cooking gear
Additional views of campfire cooking gear The four corner supports for the cooking grill/grate

"Squirrel Cookers"

"Tree" Lamp

     Gum Tree Leaves

Portable firepit for wood or charcoal

Disassembles for transport

Bracelet made of pattern welded steel Same bracelet
Railing for front steps, 1" square solid pickets Railing for front steps, 1 1/4" channel for top rail
a metal framed table with steel mesh top a drafting table, fully adjustable , metal frame, wood top
split crosses, the pair are small for key chains a whimsical top to a walking stick

Campfire utensils, grill, and fry pan holder

Leaf handled knife and Horseshoe knife

"Portable Holes"

outdoor stands for beverages and stuff


For ordering or further information email: richardthibeau@dancingfrogforge.com 

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